Five Health Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water


Most people purchase bottled water as the filtering process used to produce it is more efficient than what is used for regular tap water. The extra filtering helps the water taste better and makes it healthier for the body too. The huge news is that you can get the same high-quality water in your home by using water filters.

A water filter will help remove unwanted particles from the water used in your home. There are different water filtration systems to meet the requirements of those who need clean water. So what are some of the health benefits of drinking filtered water?

Weight loss

Even after including fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet to guarantee you weight loss and you don’t see results, try drinking filtered water regularly. Apart fro enhancing the process of digestion, filtered water also helps your body to get rid of the unwanted fat thus enabling your body to only retain what it requires.

Improves cardiovascular health

22fjroiupFiltered water contains trace minerals that maintain cardiovascular health and plays a vital role in heart disease prevention. Water filtration helps in lowering cholesterol, regulating blood pressure and heart rate. Also, the trace minerals found in filtered water helps prevent the blocking of arteries to promote better blood flow throughout the body.

On the flipside, its deficiency leads to the elevation of cholesterol, uric acid, blood pressure just to mention a few. If you are at a tremendous risk of heart dysentery, drink filtered water to enhance your health.

Prevents waterborne diseases

Filtration very effectively kills many bacteria and other living organisms that cause waterborne diseases. It is particularly effective against S. aureus and E.coli that are well known for causing life-threatening diseases like diarrhea, jaundice, and dysentery. So if you suspect that tap water is contaminated, filter it before drinking to be certain you are drinking clean and healthy water.

Reduces stress

Since 85% of the brain is composed of water, consuming lots of filtered water helps in keeping the mind healthy and reduces stress significantly. A dehydrated body slows down and causes lots of stress to the brain.If you are thirsty, your body is revealing that it is getting dehydrated and you need to drink lots of filtered water to get it up and running.

Glowing skin

33jdfvheiuSome harmful toxins in tap water will lead to a dull and tired skin. Consumption of sufficient filtered water keeps the skin cells turgid, flushes out the impurities and enhances blood circulation that will give rise to a naturally glowing skin. If you need to improve your looks, then consider using a water filter at home.

No electricity is required to run water filters meaning that you won’t have to dig deep into your pocket to settle electricity bills. Moreover, you won’t have to buy bottled water again. Apart from making water in your home safe for drinking, filtration systems will make the water cleaner for bathing, cooking and showering. Consider using a water filter, and you will see and feel the health benefits it has to offer.