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    Famous Frames Inc. is a leading artist agent that specializes in storyboards, animation production, computer art, graphic illustrations, set rendering as well as conceptualization for its clients. Famous Frames offers seamless production through full-service cinematic, illustrations and animations. The company’s clientele is majorly drawn from entertainment and advertising industries which mean that the company has great influence on the mass media communication channels as most of its artwork end up as infomercials, Print adverts, Theme park entertainments, Blockbuster movies and Video games. Some of the Famous brand story-boards includes;



    Famous Frames is notoriously popular with the development of Board-o-matics storyboards. This allows content to be structured in a way that the animation and sound are properly times. This ensures that scenes or media campaigns fit perfectly for production. Moreover, the company’s list of artist and illustrators have the perfect knowledge on how to use these special storyboards to edit errors that exist as well as introduce new ideas and concepts that make the artwork more lively and attractive to the target market.


    This type of storyboards is used to control errors that occur in artwork or movie casting to ensure that these faults do not cross into production which would be expensive to rectify. The storyboard gives a preview to the work of art and may make a summary to the artwork. Animatics are used to reduce the exposure of faults that may occur in the streaming of animation and corresponding sounds. Animatics use sketches, images, and shots to view the effectiveness of the soundtrack about the occurrence of the animations that bring the storyboards to life.

    2D animations

    This is a commonly used traditional animation form of a storyboard. It was discovered in the late 1800s and is popular with novels and sketch books. This type of storyboard uses a sequence of sketches and drawings that are closely followed by another that have the slightly different pose and that assist in developing the storyline. The 2D animations show the consistency of ideas and are used to attract the close concentration of the reader through the use of great themes and colors. Famous Frames team of artists and illustrators are well skilled and talented in this field.

    Broadcast animations


    Famous Frames Inc. also develops storyboards that support 3D animations. Therefore, it is possible to create content for television and cable programming. The company particularly specializes in this field since it has a huge portfolio of clients who use the company’s list of experts to develop e-learning broadcast animations, TV commercial adverts among others.

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