Choosing The Best Strapping Machine For Your Applications

Choosing the idea strapping machine for various packaging applications is an important decision. It does not matter how effective the quality control is or how timely the delivery is. If the product is not well-packaged, it will not satisfy the customer’s needs. Click here to visit Packline Solutions’s page to check some available strapping machines. The following are some of the vital decision factors to consider.

Choosing strapping machine


There is a lot of confusion as far as what constitutes what a semi-automatic and automatic strapping machine. The following are the major types of strapping machines currently on the market:

Semi-automatic machines

These are alt2g3ef7u2e8i29o2so called “table top” machines. These are entry level machines for the low volume operations. Usually, they are the size of a desk. These types of strapping machines can be used as primary strappers in low volume operations. Moreover, they can be used for offline strapping or as back-up.

Arch machines

These are more automated as compared to the semi-automatic ones. However, they need an operator to get the package in position and press activation button to begin strapping operation. You can also activate these types of machines by a limit switch or a photocell.

Fully automated machines

They have similarities with arch machines. However, the fully automatic strappers have inbuilt conveyor systems that move the product through the machinery. These types of machines do not need an operator. Just like the arch ones, they ought to be sized accordingly.


Your strapping application ought to match packaging and production rate as the rest of your line. You do not need bottlenecks at the stage of strapping. Moreover, you do not need to pay for speed that you will not use. Increased speed simply means increased costs. Thus, you should be sure of the amount of speed you need.

Features to look for

Nowadaystg234erf6y3e7ru289i2, there are limited options on semi-automatic strapping machines. However, they are needed in applications that need high or low tension. The following are some of the features to look for:

Auto feed

This enables the operator to load strap coil on a dispenser. Without this unit, strap loading can be quite cumbersome. If you change a coil monthly, it is not a must. You will need to reset manually the machine when the jam occurs.

Loop ejection

If a strapper is activated without a package in it, you will need to pull out a line for the manual reset. This is an important feature for different applications.