Benefits Of Playing Video Games

There has been a misconception that has existed since the development of the first video games and that still exists to date. Although modern gaming is more tied to interactive movie-like story lines than its predecessor’s folks that show no interest in them to date characterize them as nothing but time wasting or childish endeavors that people have not grown out of. The surprising fact is the gaming industry is one of the booming industries involving interactive graphics and are being used in learning systems. This means they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Some of the benefits of gaming include.

Advantages of gaming

Encouraging creativityuydtrxgcvjrhtmfg

Many specialists are in agreement that playing a video game has a positive impact on building creativity. A study by the state University of Michigan showed young children who played video games habitually became creative than the ones that did not. This was a broad study of close to five hundred 12-year-old kids. The findings were kids that involved themselves in gaming became more creative in activities like picture drawing and story writing.

Reduces the aging process

This is one of the most surprising benefits of gaming that research has proved. Playing video games reduces the pace at which your mind declines. A study by Iowa University showed that playing or interacting with a brain teasing game at least two hours in a week could probably slow mental decline tied to aging. Video games act as an exercise for a player’s brain keeping it healthy and active which is very valuable as a person ages.

Social skills

The stigma that sitting in front of a video game is isolating has been proven wrong by the psychological association in America. This is because of a study they conducted that showed kids social interaction improved when playing video games. This is because a larger percentage of gamers play them with friends and possibly with online adversaries especially for games with online communities. This creates healthy competition for the kids and unites them in their love for the game. For kids with fear of indulging in contact sports, it provides a platform for learning the importance of teamwork, communication skills, and leadership roles and still have fun while doing this.

Problem-solving skills

tyjgfgxrghtfyjPlaying video games that present problems creates a knack for problem-solving. A study by APA also shows that adolescents that played strategic games reported an improvement in problem-solving, especially in class hence boosting their grades. Since problem solving is an important skillset, interacting with video games is a good way of boosting this skill for both adults and kids.

Coordination improvement

Motor skills and video games have long been known to be tied together for a long time and have been used in various professions to train students e.g. surgeons trained to have precision in little space, flight simulators in aviation schools for pilots, military drills to help simulate combat among others. All institutions have invested in improving this type of gaming technology meaning it has really helped them get the result they want from their trainees.